Food Division

Extracts from Nature

1) Cordyceps Sinensis Extract2) Cordyceps Militaris 100% Powder3) Oyster Extract Powder4) Oyster Natural Powder5) Ginseng Extract6) Green Tea Extract7) Rosemary Extract      

Batter Mix / Food Coating

Batter mix product involves food coating and frying. Modified starch are needed to improve texture & crispness of coatings.

Noodle & Dimsum

Noodle & Dimsum segment is the starch based application mainly use rice flour or wheat flour. Modified starch mostly helps improving elasticity and texture. Moreover,


Bakery product like Cake, Bread and Cookies require soft texture and maintain for longer time. Our modified starch could help on this. Moreover, we have

Sauce, Filling & Dressing

Key attribute of modified starch for this segment is to provide viscous texture to liquid product like Soup, Sauce, Filling, Mayonnaise and Dressing. Our wide

Beverages & Dairy Products

In Dairy products, thick and smooth texture properties are key attributes of product. Our range of modified starch could help researcher to deliver a desire

Meat Product

Meat product like Meat ball, Sausage, Ham and Surimi product need modified starch to improve water binding capacity and texture improvement. Processed Meat

Confectionery & Snacks

Snacks product concerns puffing ability, air cells uniformity and texture. Moreover it also involve in pallet forming and so on. We have modified starch at


Alcoholic Beverage popular flavour such as Beer flavour, Cocktail flavour, Whiskey flavour, Red Wine flavour, Brandy flavour, Gin Flavour, Oak flavour. Carbonated drink Cola flavour,


Bakery Bakery product need more aroma from flavour for consumer attraction such as Butter, Vanilla, Pandan, Custard, Cream, Chocolate etc. Dairy product Milk, Yoghurt and