Confectionery & Snacks

Snacks product concerns puffing ability, air cells uniformity and texture. Moreover it also involve in pallet forming and so on. We have modified starch at could help snack manufacturer improving those key attributes.
For confectionery we could help in improving setting property and cost control in gummy jelly application.

Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Kreation® 10CS
2. Kreation® OP
Texturizer• Improve puffing ability in snack.
• Provide air cell consistency in snack base.
3. Crispytec L4
4. Natura One
Texturizer• High expansion in coating starch for coated peanut.
• Given light crispy texture and attractive appearance.
• Improve binding property of extruded snack and reduces dough stickiness.
5. Kreation® A11CX Setting agent Gelling agent• Provide a short, soft and elastic texture in Chewy candy.
• Excellent binding and setting properties. Can be partially replace carrageenan or gelatin in the formulation.