Cosmetic Ingredient

We offer plant-based ingredient that is friendly to consumer perception. We have modified starch that can be applied to personal care product such as Talcum, Lotion and Soap to create a superior perception to product.

EXCELCARE BP series: natural based polymer

  • EXCELCARE BP series is a natural polymer which imparts a new experience of aesthetic as it performs excellent oil absorbance, providing silk skin feel. With its purity and natural origin, EXCELCARE BP series is an alternative product which is effectively incorporated into liquid or powdered make up product where mild sensation of natural product is required.

EXCELCARE SB20 : Foaming booster

  • EXCELCARE SB20 is a functional maltodextrin designed to boost up soap bar lather upon daily using, promote last longer creaminess foam texture for enhancement of user’s shower experience. EXCELCARE SB20 leaves skin with silky soft touch after rinse-off.

EXCELCARE TA40 is a natural non-ionic viscosity modifier

  • EXCELCARE TA40 is designed to boost up viscosity and improve rheological properties of formulation. EXCELCARE TA40 is compatible with synthetic viscosity modifier allowing formulators to develop personal care product with various range of viscosity, while promoting soft until rich texture.

Foam Booster

EXCELCARE SB20 Enhancement of lather aesthetic Naturalbase ingredient Last longer creaminess foam No irritating effect Silky smooth texture after rinse-off