We supply top quality flavour and creative profile flavour from our world class flavour house partner whose scientific expertise as well as responsible and sustainable sourcing approach, they create holistic and innovative solutions respond to evolving consumer needs.


Alcoholic Beverage popular flavour such as Beer flavour, Cocktail flavour, Whiskey flavour, Red Wine flavour, Brandy flavour, Gin Flavour, Oak flavour. Carbonated drink Cola flavour,


Bakery Bakery product need more aroma from flavour for consumer attraction such as Butter, Vanilla, Pandan, Custard, Cream, Chocolate etc. Dairy product Milk, Yoghurt and

Savoury Flavour

Savoury Flavour Savoury flavour involves in a meal and condiment. It is also a key in making seasoning for snacks. Meaty Flavour Chicken, Fried Chicken,