Beverages & Dairy Products

In Dairy products, thick and smooth texture properties are key attributes of product. Our range of modified starch could help researcher to deliver a desire texture even processing under vigorous condition.

Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Kreation® MBThickener
• Texture improver in string cheese.
• Provide stretch, melt, browning and surface blisters.
• Prevent excessive "oil-off".
2. Kreation® Y910Thickener
• Provide smooth, viscous in yogurt.
• Resistant to high temperature and high shear yogurt processing.
3. Kream 21Emulsifier• Partially replace of sodium caseinate in non-dairy creamer.
• Cold water soluble starch that provides low viscosity at high solid content.
• Excellent emulsion stability in low pH system.