Noodle & Dimsum

Noodle & Dimsum segment is the starch based application mainly use rice flour or wheat flour. Modified starch mostly helps improving elasticity and texture. Moreover, it needed for frozen product to maintain elasticity and clarity after thawing.

Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Kreation® NE
2. Kreation D2
3. Kreation D8
• Impart soft and elastic texture in wheat noodle.
• Provide machine resistant
• Transparent and glossy appearance.
• Excellent freeze & thaw stability.
2. Kreation® MB
3. Kreation® RN
Texturizer• Improve strength and elasticity of rice noodle.
• Reduce effect of rice quality fluctuation in rice noodle.
4. Kreation® 592Texturizer• Provides fast rehydration, soft and elastic texture of instant dried noodle.
• Suitable for frozen noodle due to excellent freeze & thaw stability.