Fragrance Division

Foam Booster

EXCELCARE SB20 Enhancement of lather aesthetic Naturalbase ingredient Last longer creaminess foam No irritating effect Silky smooth texture after rinse-off

Fine Fragrance

Fragrance character, Fine materials and trendy fragrance direction are the key of success for this segment. On our shelves, we always be up-dated on new

Skin Care

Skin care products including Facial & Body skin care. Fragrance for this segment in the past most was mild, feminine yet sophisticated. Now a day,

Personal Wash

Freshness and Diffusive character is a must for body wash fragrance and is our minimum standard for submission. Body wash market has shifted from bar

Hair Care

Fragrance for Hair care product like shampoo and conditioner mostly reflect the brand character by its direction while the fragrance profile must associate with cleanliness

Fabric Care

A very Long Lasting Freshness fragrance is a top demand of Fabric conditioner consumer. Encapsulation Technology allows the brands owner to develop products that meet

Home Care

Home care products cover Dish washing liquid, Air freshener, Floor cleaner, Toilet cleaner etc. Fragrance is one of top purchasing factors, fragrance for home care