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Key attribute of modified starch for this segment is to provide viscous texture to liquid product like Soup, Sauce, Filling, Mayonnaise and Dressing. Our wide range of starch develop to suit with different process conditions


Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. SMS 747
2. Saucetec MP5
3. Saucetec HP5
4. Kreation TU10
-Provide short and smooth texture. Contribute viscosity with glossy appearance.
-Wide range of starches that fits with wide range of process conditions; heat, pH and shear resistance.
5. V-Tex Pulping agentPartial replacement of tomato solid or fruit pulp. Contribute pulpy texture in tomato based or fruit based products.
Suitable to improve appearance with significant cost saving. Synergy with modified starch thickener.


Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Saucetec HP5
2. SMS 757
3. Saucetec 200S
• Provide short and smooth texture.
• Contribute viscosity with glossy appearance.
• Stable in low acid & high shear.

Mayonnaise & Dressing

Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Genigel 48Thickener• A cold water thickener.
• Suitable for cold process Mayonnaise & Dressing.
• Provide short & smooth
2. Emultec® 908 Emulsifier• Provide stable water in oil emulsion system.
• Provide smooth and glossy creamy texture.
• Replace egg yolk in the formulation; cholesterol free product.
3. Lytetec®Fat replacer• Provide full mouthfeel & creamy texture in low fat salad dressing with < 30% oil content.