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Noodle & Dimsum segment is the starch based application mainly use rice four or wheat flour. Modified starch mostly helps improving elasticity and texture. Moreover, it a needed for frozen product to maintain elasticity and clarity after thawing.

Recommended ProductFunctionBenefit
1. Kreation® NE
2. Kreation D2
3. Kreation D8
• Impart soft and elastic texture in wheat noodle.
• Provide machine resistant
• Transparent and glossy appearance.
• Excellent freeze & thaw stability.
2. Kreation® MB
3. Kreation® RN
Texturizer• Improve strength and elasticity of rice noodle.
• Reduce effect of rice quality fluctuation in rice noodle.
4. Kreation® 592Texturizer• Provides fast rehydration, soft and elastic texture of instant dried noodle.
• Suitable for frozen noodle from due to excellent freeze & thaw stability.